It didn’t take a genius to decide that The Girls
wine should be a Rosé. Pink says it all and
rosé wines are increasingly popular all year round.

Our vineyards are in the southern Okanagan, one of the most beautiful winegrowing regions in the world. They are planted to Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, the classic Bordeaux varietals.

After harvesting we bring the grapes to the winery. We crush and destem, and then put the grapes in a stainless steel vat. The clear juice seeps out of the red berries, and after 18-24 hours of skin contact it turns a bright pink.

We quickly drain the juice off the skins, so it does not turn any deeper in colour. The fermentation then kicks in, and the sweet juice starts to slowly convert to alcohol. We like to do a long slow fermentation, lasting 3 weeks, because it enhances the aromatic intensity of the wine and creates a clean, pure, vibrant mouthfeel.

After six months of ageing we bottle the wine up, so it's youthful and fresh, and ready to be enjoyed, straight away.

We are proud to report that our 2022 vintage was lovely with fresh fruit and crisp flavors. A hard, cold, and wet spring resulted in later-than-average bud break, allowing the fruit to develop classic levels of acidity and flavor. Scorching summer slowed down the vines ripening, and the warm and dry fall resulted in beautiful crop with excellent balance.

The 2022 The Girls Saignée Rosé is made with 100% estate grown grapes in the saignée tradition using Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. A bouquet of vibrant passion fruit coupled with lively acidity and bursting with expressions of fresh tree fruits. An excellent accompaniment to grilled and slow-roasted meats and salads, or as a sipping wine with friends and family.

So crack open a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and either enjoy it all by itself or with some seafood or a healthy salad. And when you take a sip, just know that we can't wait to go down to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation with a big cheque, all thanks to you.

39.4% Merlot,
32.4% Cabernet Franc
19.2% Pinot Blanc
9% Chardonnay
100% Charity
60% Merlot,
35% Cabernet Sauvignon
5% Cabernet Franc
100% Charity